Server Information


Cap 110, Old School, Stable Server, Play2Earn Crypto, Economy Game, Free2Play, Custom Events, Medium Rates, Bot Allowed

Multi Client, PVP, PVE, PVM, Vote4Us, Active/H, Unique4Hunt, Job Activity, Instant Support, Join ZethGames (Earn Money)


~ Yes, there are other servers out here. We know that well, but there isn't any server like this, right? That's the difference.

~ Why you should play here? Do you know Crypto? We have great news for you! You can play ZethGames and earn Crypto.

~ "Wait, what? I can play ZethGames and even earn Money?" - YES!

~ Game have own Crypto Currency. What this mean? You can Buy, Sell, Trade, Earn anything in game with ZethCoin!